You, Me, and Vitamin D

Do you take a supplement?

It seems like there’s a new magic pill company everyday telling me how I’m not getting enough of a letter (Vitamin A, B, C etc.) in my diet and how they can save me from myself. It’s nothing new in the landscape of self-care.

But with all the designer packets and gummies there’s one I’ve had a long history with: Vitamin D.


Thrifting Etiquette: don’t be cheaper than the clothes

So here’s a trade secret. As someone who has an addiction to monochromatic fashion and high-quality goods at dirt-cheap prices, I try to shop exclusively at thrift stores, flea markets, and vintage shops.

My wallet has thanked me repeatedly for the fact that thanks to a deep hatred I harbor for malls and my unwillingness to pay $25 for a graphic tee, most of my wardrobe comes from goodwill or local charity shops.

And I’m not going to expunge the benefits of thrifting like other bloggers because they’re obvious (cost-effective, treasure hunting, environmentally friendlier, great deals, blah blah blah).

Instead, I wanted to take a quick second and say that people need to have better attitudes about this kind of shopping experience. I’ve been going to repurpose stores since I was in middle school and I’ve witnessed the craziest kind of behavior from people of all ages and backgrounds. I’ve also worked retail so I know rude customer outliers come with the territory, but there are nuances to thrifting that newbies just ignore completely thinking they can behave the same way they do at strip malls.

Here are some things you should know about thrifting:


A 2017 Youtube Odyssey: Web Series To Watch When You Don’t Know What You Want To Watch

What’s your version of white noise?

Sometimes I just want something in the background while I design or try to organize stuff. Strangely I find music distracting so I usually put on some kind of video or netflix. But often I don’t want to be sucked into a high-concept sci-fi western or a murder mystery thriller’s season-long arcs, I just want something light (like entertainment sorbet).

These are just some of the series I keep coming back to: (more…)

The Friend Connection: A Review of the app Hey!Vina

There’s a great 2012 article from the New York Times by Alex Willaims that detailed the hardships older adults have in making and maintain new friendships. And for some reason, my little high school brain read this and freaked out at the idea making friends would get even harder. Honestly finding people I liked to be around was hard enough.