While you were blogging…

Three things happened since the last I posted.

  1. I secured a job as a Junior Art Director in an agency that works with Consumer Package Goods. Many that are probably in your pantry right now.
  2. I have an apartment overlooking a small park that I love and am so grateful to have found in my price range.
  3. Neither of these is in NYC. In fact, they’re both in Connecticut.

Surprise! To both you and me.

I thought about deleting all the posts (the very few admittedly) I had on this site and start anew. Pretend my life and all the turns it has taken in the past few months were parts of a planned route. That somehow it had always meant to be this way.  But then I decided that I don’t think that I’d ever want to start over, in life or online. So instead I think I’d rather start this new chapter with the statement that life is a great many things, but it is usually unpredictable. Some might wonder why I didn’t turn down the CT job, stick it out another three months, and try to find a job in the “greatest city in the world.” I’ve never been one to put my life or finances on hold on the hopes of strangers, so not living there now is no great matter. The fact that at 22 years old I am employed in a job I went to school for, that I have no outstanding student loan creditors coming for my head, and that NYC is but an hour or so train journey away is the only reply I think I’d need.

Another post will go more into detail the many lessons I learned in my journey to get here, including some rather valuable tips about apartment hunting. But for now I’m mesmerized by the snow still falling outside, sticking to the ground like large blankets. Back in Georgia, it’s said to be almost six inches. I’d say we’ve almost received as much here. It’s a strange occurrence that Connecticut should have so much in common with my home state.

I hope it continues.


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